• Dr M.B Raju, Principal, Pallavi Engineering College received Best Principal Award from IKON EXCELLENCE at JNTUH.             • Received Certificate of Appreciation for International Level Student Workshop 2024 from Brain O Vision


IQAC Committee

S. No. Nature of Membership Name(s)
1 Dr. M. B. Raju Chairperson
2 Dr.T Sravanti Coordinator of the IQAC
3 Mr.K.Dhanunjaya Rao Co-Coordinator of the IQAC
4 Dr. Naveen Malka Management Representative
5 Dr.P.Ashok Kumar Academic Dean
6 Dr.A.sai Hareesh R&D Director
7 Mr.K Ravinder Reddy Dean of Student Affairs
8 Mr. A. Sridhar Administrative Officer
9 Ms.M.Priyamvada Member
10 Dr.Vishwaprakash Professor,HOD EEE Member
11 Dr.D Ramya,HOD.H&S Member
12 Dr.D.V Ramana Professor,MBA Member
13 Ms.D.Navya,HOD CSE-DS Member
14 Ms.TSKS Jyothirmayi,HOD CSE-CS Member
15 Mr.Eslavath Ravi,Associate Professor,CSE Member
16 Mr.M Ravi,Associate Professor,CS Member
17 K.Veera Brahmam,Scientist-F,DRDO Member
18 T.Aruna Alumni:student from SAC(216F1A0503)
19 Ms. N. kanakadurga Parent: Nominees From Local Society / Student / Alumni
20 Ms. K.Kashyap Student:Nominees From Local Society / Student / Alumni
21 Local Society Sarpanch, Gowrelly
22 Mr. Surendra Babu Employer:Manager TLC Corporation
23 Mrs. Vidya Nambirajan, CEO Paramount Nominees From Industrialist
24 Ms. G. Sandhya Nominees From Stakeholder