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• We proudly announce MoU with California Miramar University which ranks 860 in world QS Rankings.           • Dr M.B Raju, Principal, Pallavi Engineering College received Best Principal Award from IKON EXCELLENCE at JNTUH.             • Received Certificate of Appreciation for International Level Student Workshop 2024 from Brain O Vision



Chairman B.E (CIVIL-OU)

The rapid shift to remote learning last academic year 2020 was a powerful start, but over the past year we’ve learned many lessons. Academic year 2021 is a tremendous time for opportunity and innovation. Some may call it “hybrid,” and others may call it “hyflex.” Regardless of what we call it, these changes are sparking an endless amount of faculty creativity around learner-centred experiences. Colleges and universities not only in India, but around the world face similar challenges, and there are few, if any, industries as collaborative as higher education. By working together and collaborating with partners who share the same vision for more student-centric models, we can make learning more accessible for all students.

As a chairman, I would like to provide an equitable, adaptable, imaginative education system that truly fosters the love of learning among our millennials. An education system that can take a more holistic approach, that seeks to understand and meet students where they are academically, behaviourally and emotionally balanced, and also offer well-rounded, culturally responsive and trauma-informed curricula and instruction.

The success of young people in future is inextricably linked to healthy social and emotional development. Students who have a sense of belonging and purpose, who can work well with classmates and peers to solve problems, who can plan and set goals, and who can persevere through challenges?in addition to being literate, numerate, and versed in scientific concepts and ideas are more likely to maximize their opportunities and reach their full potential.

As an Educator, I understand the benefits of educating the whole child, and have been calling for more support and fewer barriers in making this vision a reality.

Research suggests that considering People, place, product, purpose, performance and period of time are the six “P’ vision that will differentiate any college from others. Efforts from management will be to focus on these six ‘Ps’ Supporting the mental health for students stressed by learning gaps and for faculty and staff distraught with changes in teaching, research and administrative functions. Challenge is not just to deliver classes remotely but also deliver experience that has significant value with renewed energy for new ideas, as individuals feel inspired to collaborate and share in securing their future.

Significant investments in services and service delivery and Provision of unique sense of place within a common virtual space with other universities will become yet another priority.