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Committee Members

Composition of Anti-ragging Committee




1.       Principal – Chairman

2.       Dean Academic – Convener

3.       Senior Faculty nominated by Principal – Coordinator

4.       One coordinator from each department as nominated by HOD – Members

5.       One Student representative from each department as nominated by HOD -Member

S.No Name of the Faculty Department& Designation Roll in the Committee Contact No. / E-Mail ID
1 Dr. M. B. Raju Principal Chairman 9247755185 Principal@pallaviengineeringcollege.ac.in
2 Dr. J. Raja Ram Dean Academic Convener 9866587739, deanacademics@pallaviengineeringcollege.ac.in
3 Dr. D. Ramya HOD – H&S Coordinator 9490119288, hs@pallaviengineeringcollege.ac.in
4 Mrs. K. Kavitha HOD – MBA Coordinator 9000685749 mbahod@pallaviengineeringcollege.ac.in
5 Dr. T. Sravanthi HOD – ECE Member 9493391957 ecehod@pallaviengineeringcollege.ac.in
6 Smt. Malka Pallavi Potla Shanthi Educational Society Member 789992035 civilhod@pallaviengineeringcollege.ac.in
7 Mrs. M. Priyamvadha HOD – CE Member 789992035 civilhod@pallaviengineeringcollege.ac.in
8 Mrs. D Navya HOD – CSE(DS) Member 7989617198
9 Mr. Ravi Kumar HOD – CSE(CS) Member 9652217925
10 Mr. P. Sailesh HOD –ME Member 9701941381
11 Mr. N. Ganesh HOD –EEE Member 9603985985
12 Mr. P. Rama Mohan Reddy Asst. Professor – ME Member 8247535237
13 Mrs. A. Padmaja Asst. Professor – CSE(CS) Member 9618707302
14 Mr. Anjan Kumar Asst. Professor – ECE Member 8639757969
15 Mr. V. Saidulu Asst. Professor – EEE Member 9492505109
16 Mr. B. Upendra Asst. Professor – MBA Member 8341555892
17 Mr. E Rakesh Student – MBA Member 7995263814
18 Mr. T. Varun Student – CSE-B Member 9381312988
19 Student – CSE-A Member 8801090143
20 Mr. V. Bharath Chary Student – ECE Member 9398525546

As per the order of Supreme Court of India and subsequent Notification from University Grants Commission (UGC), ragging constitutes one or more of any intention by any student or group of students on:

  1. Any act of Indiscipline, Teasing or Handling with Rudeness.
  2. Any act that Prevents, Disrupts the Regular Academic Activity.
  3. Any activity which is likely to cause Annoyance, hardship, Psychological Harm or creates Fear or Apprehension.
  4. Any Act of Financial Extortion or Forceful Expenditure.
  5. Any Act of Physical Abuse causing Assault, Harm or danger to Health.
  6. Any Act of abuse by spoken words, emails, SMS or public insult etc.
  7. Any Act of injury or infringement of the fundamental right to the human dignity.
  8. Any Act of Wrongful Confinement, Kidnapping, molesting or committing unnatural offences, use of criminal forces, trespass or intimidation.
  9. Any unlawful assembly or conspiracy to ragging.
Punishment to those found guilty

Any student or group of students found guilty of ragging in the campus or even outside the campus shall be liable to one or more of the following punishments

  1. Debarring from appearing in any session test / University Examination
  2. Suspension from attending classes and academic privileges
  3. Withdrawing scholarships and other benefits
  4. Suspension from the college for a period of one month

Anti-Ragging Committee will be the Supervisory and Advisory Committee in preserving a Culture of Ragging Free Environment in the college Campus. The Anti-Ragging Squad- office bearers will work under the Supervision of Anti Ragging Committee and to engage in the works of checking places like Hostels, Buses, Canteens, Classrooms and other places of student congregation. Anti-Ragging Committee will be involved in designing strategies and action plan for curbing the Menace of Ragging in the college by adopting array of activities.

Responsibilities of Anti Ragging Squad
  1. Anti-ragging squad will be working under the monitoring of anti-ragging?committee and will seek advice from the anti-ragging committee.
  2. The functions of anti-ragging squad will be to keep a vigil and stop the incidences of ragging, if any, happening / reported in the places of student aggregation including, classrooms, canteens, buses, grounds, hostels etc.
  3. The squad will also educate the students at large by adopting various means about the menace of ragging and related punishments.
  4. A gamut of positive reinforcement activities are adopted by Anti-Ragging Squad for orienting students and moulding their personality for a better cause.
  5. They shall work in Consonance and Guidance of Anti Ragging Committee.
For any grievance contact admin officer
Mr. Ambala Sreedhar Administrative Office Ph – 6301148377