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+91 6301148377 / 9398900367

Student Activity Committee(Student Council)

Pallavi Engineering College is constituted with the following faculty Coordinator and Students Members to Student Activity Committee for the academic year 2019-2020.

S.No Name of the Committee Member Department Role
1 P. Ram Mohan Reddy MECH Coordinator
2 A. Venkata Ramana ECE Coordinator
3 D. Srikanth CE Member
4 M. Umamaheshwar rao ECE Member
5 A Saiteja ECE Member
6 P. Aditya ECE Member
7 A. Anji ECE Member
8 Akhil ME Member
9 Ch Sai Kumar Reddy ECE Member
10 N. Aruna EEE Member
11 S.Raja Rajeshwari ECE Member
12 Shreya Shivakoti CSE Member