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+91 6301148377 / 9398900367

CSE – Cyber Security


Excellence and leadership in the educational, professional and research fields of cybersecurity at the regional and global level. A commitment to effectively meet the needs of the society.


Preparing cybersecurity professionals in both academic and industrial settings capable of leading, designing and developing various projects in different areas of cybersecurity, by providing a distinguished and high-quality program that focuses on integrating scientific theories and practical training to develop programs and applications, to innovate in scientific research, to provide the required security services to individuals and to contribute to the development of society.


To propagate and disseminate knowledge in CSE-CYBER SECURITY discipline to the society through the student and faculty. To encourage students to serve social causes by Application of their specialized knowledge paving way to Better life for Humanity. To promote the concept of lifelong learning among faculty members.

Career Opportunities

1. Network Security Engineer
2. Cyber Security Analyst
3. Security Architect
4. Cyber Security Manager
5. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
6. Information Security Manager
7. Cybersecurity Engineer
8. Application Security Engineer
9. Ethical Hackers
10. Incident Manager
11. Cybersecurity Consultant
12. Cloud Security Engineer